List of Minecraft Light Sources

Minecraft Light Sources

What are Minecraft Light Sources

Light in minecraft is generated through a few different objects and affects how easy it is to see in the environment, and allows certain mobs to spawn dependent on the level of light.

Levels of light in Minecraft

Light in Minecraft is measured by different levels, 0 – 16. The highest at 16 being generated by the sun and other light sources generating different levels. These levels also determine which mobs will spawn in an area. Peacful mobs such as cows, pigs, etc; will spawn in light levels 7 and above. Hostile mobs such as skeletons, spiders, etc; will spawn in light levels 7 or lower.

All Minecraft Light Sources

List of Minecraft Light Sources

Level 16 – Sunlight

Level 15 – Beacons, End Portal Blocks, Jack O’ Lanterns, Fire, Glowstone, Lava, Lanterns, Sea Lanterns, Active Redstone Lamps

Level 14 – Torches

Level 13 – Active Furnaces

Level 12 – Sunlight during rain/snow

Level 11 – Nether Portal Blocks

Level 9 – Redstone Ore

Level 8 – Sunlight during thunderstorms

Level 7 – Active Redstone Torches

Level 4 – Moonlight

Level 1 – Brewing Stands, End Portal Frames, Brown Mushrooms, Dragon Eggs

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