How To Make A Minecraft Tree Farm

Harvesting trees is an important first step in survival mode, as most of the equipment and building you need will require wood. The blocks can be broken by hand, turned into planks or sticks, burned into charcoal, and more.

There are a few variants for how to make a tree farm depending on the type of tree. But we’re going to go over a basic farm and it’s layout.

Minecraft Tree Farm Construction

Minecraft Tree Farm Guide

Step 1: Obtain as many saplings as you can, dirt to plant them in, and optionally a shovel/pickaxe to dig out the ground and prep the area.

Step 2: Space dirt blocks 3 blocks apart. So place a dirt block, move 4 blocks and place another dirt block on the 4th. This separates the trees with 3 blocks between them.

Step 3: Continue this pattern in all directions from the starting tree to make whatever dimension of farm you want.

Minecraft Tree Farm Tips

o Using bonemeal on the planted saplings will help them grow faster.

o Using shears on the leaves will help harvest them faster for more saplings.

o Make sure to add lighting under where the trees will grow to prevent monsters from spawning after they grow.

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