How Far Does Water Flow In Minecraft

Water Physics In Minecraft

There are two kinds of water blocks in Minecraft.

  1. Water Source Blocks
  2. Moving Water Blocks

Water Source Blocks

Source blocks are where a water source originates. These blocks and be picked up or placed by using a bucket. The water source blocks can also be destroyed by placing a solid block where the source block is located.

Naturally occurring seas and lakes are made of water source blocks.

Moving Water Blocks

Moving water flows from source blocks and cannot be picked up with a bucket. They can however be redirected by putting physical blocks in their path.

How Far Does Water Flow In Minecraft

On a flat surface, water spreads 7 blocks from the water source block. But, if water has a path downward, then it will flow that way and then spread 7 blocks from where it falls.

How Far Does Water Flow In Minecraft
Water flows 7 blocks from the source block.
Water Falling in Minecraft
Water falling and then spreading 7 blocks.

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