Tactical SMG Fortnite

Tactical SMG Fortnite [Unvaulted]

After first appearing in Fortnite’s Season 10 Trailer, it’s been anticipated on when/if the Tac SMG would make a return.

As of the 10.30 update, Fortnite’s Tactical SMG has been unvaulted and returned to gameplay!

While we gain the Tac SMG, we lost the Burst SMG as it has been vaulted in the current update. This was done most likely to retain some balance in gameplay. But in my opinion, the Tactical SMG has no building drop off and is OP in most build offs.

Other updates:

There were other notable updates in the most recent patch, such as lowering the audio of teammates gliders opening (about time), reduced clipping when a player is near a wall so that they will no longer phase through as much, and improving the shield bubble collision performance.

Those were the highlights that I found most important but be sure to check out the full update on Epics Website!

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