Fortnite – Fortbyte 2 Location [Neo Tilted Holo Clock]

Fortbyte 2 Neo Tilted Location

Thankfully Fortbyte 2 is an easy one to get and doesn’t require any gear or special emotes. Also, unlike the Battle Stars which only show once you’ve completed their Utopia challenge, this Fortbyte is available to everyone that has a Season 9 Battle Pass.

Just as the title says, you’ll need to go to Neo Tilted to find this Fortbyte. The item will appear on top of the clock tower, so make your way to the top to collect it. The Fortbyte’s location is marked on the map below.

Fortbyte 2 Location Neo Tilted

If you’re looking more for a video tutorial, the youtuber InTheLittleWood provides a great walkthrough.

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